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Information Literacy--Tools and Hoax Sites

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Information Literacy


Deeper Searching--wiki by pjhiggins


Kathy Schrock's tools for Evaluating Websites:


list of evaluation tools, and at the bottom, a great set of "hoax" websites to use with students (scroll down)


Evaluating Good Sources  WHS Library Video -- Teacher Tube video about the web and sources



Amy Tan essay from her book Opposite of Fate about misinformation online


 Example of web 2.0 analysis project-- Sample by Vicki Davis's students in Georgia;  have students analyze web 2.0 tools and post  their analysis of each tool, using a rubric, on a wiki site.


Fascinating video from Digital Ethnography Class at Kansas State about information and how it's organization and abilities are changing in the digital age.


Creative Commons--Creative Commons is an "agreed upon" copyright that you can post on your site, allowing others to use it.   An attempt to redefine copyright for the digital age.  Many sites like Flickr.com  have a creative commons area of materials you can freely use, following the rules listed.


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