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TCEA Presentation--Wikis to Connect, Collaborate, Create

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Using Wikis to Connect, Collaborate and Create



Kris Phelps, Bill Martin, and Carolyn Foote

Westlake HS, Eanes ISD






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How Wikipedia changes things.




Controversial--yes.   Knowledge building--yes.   Accurate--yes.  Inaccurate--yes.   A new animal--yes.


But the most important thing about it--

model for Collective intelligence--wisdom of crowds (Surowiecki)

the "global brain" (Wikinomics)


Wouldn't we want our students to be arguing this passionately over knowledge building all the time?"


As David Warlick points out, "...the textbook, however it manifest itself, should become a meeting place, where students come and discuss, right there at the content."


The new "wikinomics"


 With mass collaboration, "we can peer produce an operating system, an encyclopedia, the media, a mutual fund, and even physical things like a motorcycle. . . .  A new economic democracy is emerging in which we all have a lead role."  p.15 


"The production of knowledge, goods, and services is becoming a collaborative activity in which growing numbers of people can participate." p. 16


"Something really interesting happens when you trust your customers. . . They trust you"  Tantek Celik, in Wikinomics p. 43


"The future, therefore, lies in collaboration across borders, cultures, companies, and disciplines.  Countries ...that turn inward will not succeed in the new era."  Wikinomics p. 61



Examples of using wikis


with students


Public Policy Project wiki  year one, year two  (assignment here)POLICYMAKING GROUP PROJECT 2008.doc

OP English

Creative Writing wiki

College guide wiki

Vietnam Project Guide

AP History "encyclopedia"

Math--statistical study of a question

Process Journal using YackPack 

Art Wiki --using Voice Thread and a wiki


with staff

Bill's workshop wiki

Building Staff development  inhouse or collaboratively across two continents 

Library Tech Support 



Other wiki Examples:


Wikis used to collaborate/for research projects



Integrated Chemistry/Physics review  (wetpaint software)


Clarence Fisher's invitation to students to contribute to the unit of study  (wikispaces software)


A student created manual on internet security  (wikispaces)


Nancy Pearl's Book Lust site;  and her site where children can add their lists (wetpaint)



Wikis as project organizers--connectors


Digital Storytelling--using wiki to host videos  (pbwiki)


Spin the Globe--global project hosted on wiki  (wikispaces)


Vietnam Experience Project --wiki as tech support and organizing tool (pbwiki)


DragonArt -- wiki with page for each student (wikispaces)


1001 Flat Tales Project -- project with international schools (wikispaces) to tell group story



Wikis as webpages/pathfinders


Jane Craig Government project wiki links 

Merion HS Library Wiki


Joyce Valenza's Copyright Free Materials Wiki  and Decades pathfinder


WHS Library Connected Libraries wiki



Using the Tools




  • Pbwiki.com (free or paid levels of access; no ads for educators)
  • Wikispaces.com (giving away 10,000 free/partner to Edublogs)
  • Jotspot.com (Google just bought jotspot and it’s currently disabled)
  • Wetpaint.com (can invite "writers" to join, whom you approve)


Handout with instructions for creating a page at pbwiki: 


Tips for creating the wiki.doc


Handout with instructions for creating a page at wetpaint:


Creating a Wiki site with Wetpaint.doc 


Creating a wikispaces page

Video Tutorial

 Print Manual 

Other resources:

Richardson, Will.  Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts book.




Student comments:


Wikis make for "good conversations if you don't really know someone and want to get to know them.  

It's not always easy to put things into words.

I was afraid to talk to someone because I didn't think we had anything in common

 but I read a posting of theirs and it opened up the doors to talk."  D.B.


"There was a time when I couldn't get a word in class and wanted to say it so when I got home I posted it to get it out."  D.B.


"When we first started using wikis I wasn't very happy because I don't consider myself a good writer.  However after my 3rd posting, I realized I was benefitting from this, b/c I was finally getting my thoughts organized on paper."  B. L.


"You don't have to be face to face with someone to have a meaningful conversation.  Its a good way, I think, to get to know your classmates."   anon.


Other Questions?


--How do you make it less schooly and get students more involved?


--How do other tools intersect? Facebook/Discussion boards/Blogs


--Uses of wikis--constructing knowledge versus sharing


--Power of collective intelligence?   Positives and negatives




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