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Using Flickr

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                  Using Flickr


Flickr is a photo-sharing website with "social networking" features.


It allows you to use photos through a function called "Creative Commons" which gives permission for use of photos uploaded there.

 It also allows you to upload photos of your own, or  to comment on other user's photos.


It allows you to automatically feed photos of your own or another user into your blog.



WHSCareerTech blog  photos of China visit on blog

Not So Distant Future  photos on my library blog of our activities

Teach and Learn lesson with annotated image that teacher posted to Flickr


Many photos on flickr can also be manipulated, if the owner of the photo gives permission.

Tools like fd's Flickr Toys give many options to you for photo manipulation of Flickr photos or your own photos, like the "stamp" below.


Other handy tools:


Splashr allows you to create postcards, slideshows, mosaics, etc, by either entering in a subject (tag) you want photos about, or by using the feed of someone‚Äôs Flickr account.


Spell with Flickr 

Flickr Badge Maker


Nice librarian tutorial on using FLICKR and various tools


List of comprehensive Flickr tools, including map tools, uploading tools, etc.


Ways one math teacher used Flickr


Ways we discussed using flickr:


--Using photos as writing prompts

--Using it to find geometric shapes and angles

--More interesting than using MS WORD for spelling, use flickr spell tool

--Slide show for vocabulary words

--Find photographs to use in projects like movie maker with still photographs

--Discuss importance of attribution

--Could use as an assessment tool

--Talk about design




More practice with Flickr--try it on your own with this tutorial 


Tool that allows you to use Picasa from Google with Flickr, and automatically upload your photos.

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